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Swimming pool service cost in Los Angeles can vary by city and pool. Read the pool maintenance cost factors below. You can also get a quote from us today.

Pool Service Cost Factors

There are five primary factors for pool service cost we consider when giving a pool service quote. While we can typically give a quote over the phone with this information, we prefer to meet the homeower and perform a FREE Pool Health Check before beginning service.

Where is the pool located?

If you live in areas such as La Canada / La Crescenta / Sunland / Tujunga / Pasadena, monthly pool maintenance cost will be higher than a pool in Burbank. The reasons? First, from October through March, the Santa Ana winds can create havoc for a pool service professional that aren’t as significant in other areas. Second, the size of the pools in certain areas tend to be larger than other areas. There are other city specific factors, such as average pool cost in that city.

Age and condition of equipment?

Older equipment, such as pumps, motors, and filters, often struggle to keep a pool circulated and clean like newer equipment. While we’ve seen filters that are 20 years old still keep functioning and keeping a pool clean, it is usually the exception and not the rule. Newer equipment is easier to maintain, more efficient, and more productive to keeping a pool clean.

How much landscaping and tree coverage is there around the pool?

While landscaping around a pool may be nice aesthetically, it can create a difficult situation for pool cleaners. In particular, pine trees, maple trees, and other leafy trees overhead can keep a pool constantly filled with leaves and take more time for a pool service professional. In addition, lots of leaves have the potential to clog plumbing lines when being vacuumed resulting in repair charges.

What is the size of the pool?

The larger the pool, the more time required to clean. In general, anything over 25,000 gallons for us requires an increase in cost.

Does the pool require twice a week service?

Often a large pool or a pool with significant tree coverage can’t adequately be serviced in just one visit. As part of our family of customers, we want you to not have to worry about the condition of your pool. As pool service professionals, there are some pools we can’t adequately perform all 14-points of service in one visit in a timely manner, thus requiring a second visit during the week.


Does the company or individual have a verified reputation?

Is anyone else recommending this person? Click here to see our 5-star reviews.


Does the company or individual have a business license?

There are too many pool guys flying under the radar without proper licensing. 


Are they insured?

What happens if they overflow your pool, the filter explodes, or they burn up your moter due to negligence? You’ll likely never see them again if they aren’t insured.

Consider This When Getting a Pool Service Quote…

Southern California is the home of the swimming pool service industry. You’ve been google searching for “pool service near me” and I’m sure you’ve found there are plenty of options. But every pool service is not created equally. 

Pool cleaning companies are mostly unregulated in California, thus anyone with a truck, a pole, and a “business” is looking to clean your pool.


While desire isn’t lacking, other things are. We hear the following all too often when giving quotes…

  • “My pool guy doesn’t show up.”
  • “When I started having problems, he quit coming.”

Unfortunately, some of the pool industry lacks integrity, competency, and legitimacy because of it’s nature. Be sure you are working with a licensed, reputable, insured company.

Free Pool Health Check & Quote

Our Pool Service Pricing Plans

The pricing below are starting prices in most of the areas we service. The prices assume pool equipment is in good working order and there is not a significant amount of tree coverage.

Get a Free Pool Health Check When We Give You a Quote!

Knowing the health of your pool is vital. While the water may look clear, the chemicals may very well be imbalanced, causing staining, etching, or corrosion. Worse, if there is an imbalance in chlorine and pH, harmful bacteria could affect your health along with experiencing red and burning eyes when you swim. 

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