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What weekly service options do you offer?

We primarily offer a FULL SERVICE weekly service option. Full Service includes our 14-pt complete cleaning and maintenance that keeps your pool in swim ready condition at all times. Occasionally, we offer Chemical Only Service for the more hands on owner and includes weekly balancing of water chemistry, emptying baskets, and pool equipment check.

What's best for me...Full Service or Chemical?

Many pool owners have limited time and/or understanding of proper pool maintenance, water chemistry, and handling of potentially dangerous and hazardous chemicals. If you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning your pool, making trips back and forth to the pool store, figuring out proper water chemistry, and regularly checking your equipment, then Full Service is your best option. If you have an hour or two every week to vacuum and sweep your pool and empty baskets or if you have an automatic cleaner, Chemical Only Service may be your best option. We can keep the water chemistry balanced as long as you take care of making sure the pool is clean. 

How much does it cost?

Every pool is different and requires a different level of service depending on size, landscaping (primarily leaves), and condition of equipment. Generally, Full Service starts at $140. Our upfront pricing includes usual chemicals (Chlorine, Acid, Tabs) as well as two (2) filter cleanings per year. Other companies typically charge extra for filter cleanings (sometimes over $100 per cleaning) and tabs. There is a charge for conditioner every year at the beginning of swim season. That charge varies depending on the need of your pool.

Do you come on the same day every week?

Yes! We service your pool weekly on the same day to keep it in swim ready condition. Occasionally because of weather or unforeseen circumstances, we may have to move your cleaning to a different day that week. If we do so, we will notify you promptly.

Do you skip service days and will I be notified?

Due to the standard 48 week billing procedure, weekly service is determined on a 4 visit per month schedule (48 weeks of service out of a 52 week year). Four months out of the year have an extra service day (5th service day) which is NOT charged for and these extra days will be taken as vacation during the off season (cooler months), normally November thru March. These weeks include Thanksgiving, Christmas and two other floating weeks of which all customers will be notified in advance. At no time will your pool ever miss service for two weeks in a row.

What days do you service pools?

We service pools Monday through Friday. Rarely, we may have to service your pool on a Saturday. If so, we will notify you promptly.

Why should I use a professional pool service instead of doing it myself?

When you hire a professional pool maintenance company, you are getting the freedom to enjoy your pool without worry or time consuming tasks. Our trained professionals take care of handling dangerous & hazardous chemicals, eliminating the need to make trips to the pool store or to store potentially hazardous chemicals. In addition, our techs have extensive experience maintaining and balancing the perfect water chemistry so that you can enjoy your pool without worrying whether the right levels exist or if there are potentially harmful bacterias in your pool. With a pool professional, you will have the peace of mind knowing your pool is in perfect, swim ready condition.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! Our Hero’s Guarantee to you says we will never ask you to enter into a contract that binds you for a specific length of service. We operate on simple conviction that customers are family and if we do that well, we believe you’ll keep us around without the need for a contract.

Do you offer pool repair service?

We sure do. We offer repair services along with upgrading all of your equipment. One of the benefits of weekly pool service is having our trained techs monitor the health of your equipment regularly.

Do you service commercial pools?

We primarily focus on providing quality and trustworthy services for residential pool owners. However, we do service a few commerical accounts. Contact us for more info or a quote.

How will I be billed?

We email detailed monthly service bills for the current month on the 10th of every month. You can pay by mailing a check, automatic bank draft, or by credit card.

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